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Sundays 11.15-12.45am, from 13th January 2019. £170.00 for ten weeks

Teens aged 13-16yrs welcome


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Transitioning from a child to a teenager and then from a teenager to an adult can be a testing time. Which is why DNC offer a home away from home environment where teens can learn dance, make friends and be a part of a close knit community of positive people.
Many of our students claim that without dance in their lives, they wouldnt be able to cope with exam stress and other pressures that come from being a teen.


 The DNC Studio, offers first class facilities and a range of classes led by inspirational young teachers. Nikita herself, who heads the company formed her academy when she was just 20 years old. Her experience of building up a business as a teenager motivates other young people, to follow their dreams.

Many students joined DNC as children and have now developed into confident and successful teenagers/young adults going to University to pursue subjects such as Medicine. Many of them say that their home upbringing as well as their combined dance activities (classes, performances, workshops, retreats etc) moulded them into who they are and instilled a readiness to face the world.

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 ALL classes are held at DNC Studio, 459 Bath Road, Cippenham, SL1 6AA.

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Dancing Nikita Company Studio
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