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Suman Matharu

Suman Matharu is a British born Indian Video Producer and Kathak dance senior student/performer.

After leaving Staffordshire university in 2012, she was fortunate to work as a full time Video Editor ultimately moving up to the position of a Video Producer.
It was during this time in 2014 that she found the Dancing Nikita studio. (Having had a tiny bit of exposure from a young age through a family friend, a love for Kathak began to grow, however due to the lack of classes nearby she was unable to join a company.)
From joining the Dancing Nikita Company in 2014, Suman participated in Bollywood, Yoga, semi-classical and kathak classes, however it was the exposure to pure kathak that she was drawn to the most. With the help of Nikita's advice and guidance, she was able to build up and develop her technique and delve deeper into the art form. Nikita inspired her to learn and work harder to become a better dancer, keeping focus on not only what can be improved, but learning how to explore emotions and feelings behind each movement in the body.

Suman2During the recession, Suman became an all-round freelance Video Producer working for a number of different clients. It was here when she began creating videos for Dancing Nikita Company, creating showreels, filming and editing summer productions, live events such as Nikita's solo debut at The Nehru Centre. It was also around this time that she volunteered to mix all the music for the company, from professional live performances, exam music, first dances to the complete soundtrack to the annual summer productions.

Over the next few years, Suman worked hard towards shows, performances, and summer productions. In July 2017, she won the Student of the Year award. Suman recalls, "I really wasn't expecting this! The whole year has gone so quickly when you spend most of your time focusing on body movements, speed, technique and so on. But I'm so proud to see how not only myself, but how far all the students have come, so a big congratulations to everyone!"
dancer of the year 2
Suman continues to work now as a full time Video Producer, alongside working towards Kathak exams and performances. 

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