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DNC is Berkshire's leading Indian dance company with a passion for teaching children, which started in 2005 and has since developed into an established dance school of THIRTEEN years. The passion still remains, with each and every student of the company getting personalised attention and guidance. The class sizes for kids are small (upto 15 per group) meaning the teachers and assistants spend a lot of time moving around giving 1-1 training. The children therefore develop at a very fast pace and produce excellent results in a short space of time.

Beginners kids class - SUNDAYS 10-11am, from 13th January. £115 for 10 weeks.

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We offer a combination of KATHAK and BOLLYWOOD dance for children aged 4+. This is an ideal balance to achieve a mixture of discipline and cultural awareness, yet still maintaining the fun and current side of their youth. The immediate benefits you will recognise in your child will be improved concerntration, right-left co-ordination of the brain and discipline. Not to mention the physical and holistic benefits that classical dance and cultural activities bring. Indian dance can be a bridge to connect children growing up in the UK, to their roots.


We have three broad levels of training; BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED.

We advise children to spend at least 1-2yrs at each level to fully absorb the techniques and become immersed in the form. If however we notice a child accelerating at their current level, the teacher will reccomend to the parent that they explore the next level. Equally, if we find a student in the class struggling we will send them to our downstairs studio with a senior student or training assistant to work with them individually so they catch up.

In addition to learning dance and the discipline that comes with it, we have had multiple examples in our company, where long-term children have grown up and made life-long friends.


We offer ISTD graded Examinations for students wishing to pursue academic qualifications. There is a foundation level known as PRIMARY level for children under 8 years, followed by 6 grades, which count towards UCAS points.

We also offer performance opportunities to build confidence at the end of each term, in an informal presentation day at the studio among parents and grandparents. However the highlight of our academic year is arguiabally our grand SUMMER PRODUCTION held at a professional theatre in London. All children training at DNC will have the opportunity to participate in this show, which is a heartwarming experience for the parent to see their child on stage, not to mention one of the most memorable childhood moments. Photographs are taken and a video is recorded of the show, which many of our older students tell us they still cherish many years later!

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Please note all children training at DNC, must wear compulsary uniform to all classes, which can be purchased at the studio directly or via our ONLINE SHOP. ALL classes are held at DNC Studio, 459 Bath Road, Cippenham, SL1 6AA.


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