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First dance choreography gives couples an ideal way to bond in the run up to their big day. It gives the couple quality time together, focusing on an activity for the wedding which also allows them to switch off from all the hassle of planning. DNC has been offering first dance packages for the last seven years and during this time many couples have benefited from this bespoke service. Our highly trained tutor can choreograph a dance to any Hindi, Punjabi or English song the couple chooses. Whether you want a foot tapping upbeat song to surprise your guests or a romantic soul stirring dance, our choreographer can even help you choose and even create a medley of songs. You may even choose to involve some of the guests or immediate families into the dance!

No matter how natural or staged you want it to look, we will work with you to choreograph a dance that will be a long-lasting memory for years to come...

First dance packages start from £100.00 per couple per session, however from August-September, we are offering a special rate of just £50.00 per couple, thats 50% off!

For more information please e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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